Producteur / Producteur Exécutif / Line Producer associated with AVMEDIA 8 agremented by the Moroccan Center of Cinema (CCM Authorization) 

Commercial with Dua Lipa (coming soon)

Eric Poulet Production (EPP), company based in Morocco, working for 20 years. The only way to produce Commercial in Morocco with European Premium Standard.

EPP have developed an exceptional production service for beauty and luxury production and photo shooting. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information requests.

2023 Worldwide Launch Africa Twin

Horses on monitor during shoot

Commercial Garnier Hair Honey

Garnier Hair Remedy Avocado

Garnier Hair Remedy Avocado

EAU de Kenzo

Desert's drone view 

Rip Curl Citroën

14 trucks / 11 days of shooting / 84 Technical crew  in nowhere


Médecins du Monde


CIH Bank

Coming soon, Film on Post


Dades Road on shoot

Lunch during shoot

Dacia Ride

Recce of EAU de Kenzo

Producer of Much Loved

Client room

catering on shooting

Line Producer 

Moon Hotel Kabul Trailer

Razzors / Quad during shoot

Piégé Trailer 





Technical installation


Buffet during shoot

Craft during shoot

Craft during shoot

Using Format